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Animals and Witchcraft

(The Witches Familiar)


Totem Spirit and Medicine:

by Patricia Jean Martin

The Lion ~ regal, majestic, powerful and strong, yet nurturing, devoted, playful and calm. The King of the jungle is respected by all, and when Lion Totem comes, it’s nearly impossible to ignore his call! A native of the continent of Africa and one who roams the lush savannas in that part of the world, the lion is master of his domain. For those who find Lion as their totem, the various types of cats should be looked at and studied for the benefit of seeking greater communion and guidance from this king of the felines, (or mighty queen of the felines, if you happen to be working with the female lioness).

So revered is this king of the cats, that, out of respect, many cultures still refrain from calling them by name. The word “Lord” is often substituted by local tribes who share their habitat with the lions. As your totem, you will find yourself commanding this same respect from those around you, but not for no reason – you will have earned it, as Lion teaches leadership amidst cooperation. Just as lions live in groups called prides, so you may find yourself placed in uncommon situations of leadership or at the very least as an integral part of a group endeavor.

The next lesson with Lion that you can count on receiving is one of cooperation and how best to work with others. Within the pride, it is the female who does most of the hunting. But by hunting alone she would not do quite as well, and so she relies on her mate to do his part. He sits and roars, scaring the prey toward her. She then takes the lead and brings down dinner.

Antelope is their main choice of fare and it is recommended that those with Lion Totem study the qualities of Antelope as well. In the above, Lion shows that cooperation and group endeavors can be very fruitful, but that each member must do his or her share if things are to run smoothly. Between the two, the lioness does most of the work. She is the huntress, the caretaker and nurturer of her cubs, the teacher of survival to her family, and the temptress to her mate whose main job is to protect his family.



Lion will ask you to also examine your own participation and usefulness to the world around you. He will also ask you to honor and respect the feminine, for the Sun has not always been seen as masculine and attached to male deity. It helps bring forth new life with its warm nurturing rays. This suggests that the balance of yin and yang is ever-present. The Sun and the Moon are lovers, and we should not forget to honor the role of the nurturing Goddess during this Sabbat. Lunar energies are also very much present within the teachings of Lion.

Lion is a strong spirit, and one of the most influential of all animal totems. Even the physical symbols associated with the lion suggest this is true, and they are; the Sun, the precious metal Gold, the god Mithras, and a king’s throne to name a very few. With the Sun, and especially the rising sun which implies hope, promise, and the dawning of greater things to come, Lion Totem yields the secrets to propelling oneself higher in community stature, increasing one’s self-esteem, and energizing the physical body. Lion medicine teaches you how to advance and maintain, and how to balance what may need to be balanced in one’s life. It is no coincidence that the lion in his astrological aspect of Leo rules over a prime summer position in the northern hemisphere from c. July 24 to August 23, the hottest span of days in the solar year. I find it interesting, the lion, so mighty is he, that he even holds a place in the starry night sky. But then again, the stars are our glorious mini suns. Royal power, regal strength, along with noble courage and fearlessness are just some of what Lion medicine will bring to your table, day or night.

Lions, though fiercely independent, can be extremely jealous and protective of their mates, and those with Lion Totem may find themselves exhibiting this same trait. If a predator enters their territory, the lion will fearlessly protect the pride. In all other situations, though, he cannot be bothered with confrontation and will leave the scene with a slow regal gate and royal air, for Lion never fights just for the sake of fighting that is beneath him, and as it should be. Lion will lend you the power to know when to fight and when to walk away. And though he practically demands you stick up for what is rightfully yours, he asks you never to lash out without good cause. A lion will never hunt for the mere pleasure of it, and in this is the teaching that they are not only noble creatures, but do not waste energy and time on things that do not suit them. It is wise for us to do the same.

Lions are well-known for their large manes and mighty roar, but Lion Spirit is not totally all about pomp and power. There is a marked softer and gentler side to this totem. Playfulness and the understanding that there should be a balance between a time for work and a time for rest is another totem message from Lion. In fact, lions revel in a very calm, almost lazy life, basking and preening and frolicking for many hours in the shade of the vast lands they inhabit. As cubs they pretty much lead a carefree life under the protective eyes of their patient parents, and affection roams free. With Lion Totem you can expect to also experience a certain measure of this carefree sense of freedom. As a parent, you may find yourself spending more time nurturing and protecting your own children. And overall, you will find yourself more playful and affectionate. Lion can teach you how to distress and relax.

Sensual, graceful, charismatic and passionate are all adjectives that also aptly describe Lion. With Lion as your teacher, these characteristics will be enhanced within your own persona and you will learn how to use them well and often to your advantage. Your own personal magnetism will increase, and romance and passion are likely to enter your realm.

Lions are stealthy creatures, able to blend into their surroundings in order to take stock of any threat or opportunity. Their greatest success lies in their knowledge of knowing when to roar and when to stay silent. Your own greatest success will come when you learn this valuable leonine lesson. Like a lion, you will need to stay patient and watchful, learn how to take better control of your emotions, and pay added attention to timing in order to learn how to recognize just when is the proper moment to pounce on the opportunities that present themselves. And there will be opportunities! Just as a lion will prey on animals large enough to feed them for several days at a time, you will be taught how to go after the big tasks...the things you desire most...with stealth and focus. Lion medicine brings good fortune in that it teaches you how to create your own. Ancient Egyptians saw the lion as a symbol of power and wealth, and they were right on the money in their musings. To Buddhists, both lions and tigers are greatly honored and respected, and according to Buddhist belief, these two magnanimous creatures rule the direction South, the land of fire, action, passion, and energy.

When Lion Spirit begins to make his presence known in your life (and you WILL know when he arrives), a new and brighter you will leap to the surface. Will-power, new strength, and a flurry of optimism will begin to flow. Intuition, creativity, and devotion will grow. You will begin to feel safe and secure in your own majestic powers, and opportunities will abound and be as self-evident as a bright sunbeam lighting your path. With Lion as your Totem, all of these things will help bring sunshine and bounty to your life!


Lion Chant:

O Sekhmet! Tefnut! Matit! Men’et!

Urt-hekau! Merui! Apedemak! and Pekhet!

Companions to the Sun Lord,

let me know your lion heart.

O King of the Wild and Lord of the Free,

As you guide the golden chariot of Cybele,

so guide me in all your ancient wisdom.

Bring to me your strength and courage,

your devotion, protection and good fortune,

for I have harkened to your mighty call.


© Patricia J. Martin - June 13, 2008




“Animal-Speak” by Ted Andrews

Lion, himself.


Pari lives on the East Coast, USA and is a Shamanic Witch. She has been a member of EW since 2003

Best wishes and Blessed Be


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