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Merry we meet.     Merry we meet.     Merry we meet.     Merry we meet.







Remembered at Samhain 

Since records began Samhain has been considered a night of occult power, when the veil between the unseen world and ours is at its thinnest, a night when the spirits of our departed are free to roam. As such, Samhain has always been considered the best time to honour our ancestors and other departed souls. Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, George Knowles, Angie Buchanan and many others in the Pagan community have been working together to construct a list of contemporary departed “Pagan Founders, Pioneers, Elders and Others”, people who have passed over during the last century and whose dedication and inspiration has helped to shape the foundations of our beliefs to-date.  Please all light a candle this Samhain and let us remember them.


Departed Pagan Pioneers, Founders, Elders and Others

(listed in chronological order of death by decade)


Died 1900-1940: 

Charles Godfrey Leland (8/15/1824-3/20/1903)

Old George Pickingill (5/26/1816-1909)

S.L. MacGregor-Mathers (1/8/1854-11/20/1918)


 Died in 1940s: 

Arthur Edward Waite (10/2/1857-5/19/1942) 

Dion Fortune (Violet Mary Firth Evans) (12/6/1890-1/8/1946)

 Adriana Porter (“Rede of the Wiccae”) (c. 1850-1946)

Aleister Crowley (10/12/1875-12/1/1947)

Rosamund Sabine (probable matriarch of group into which Gerald B. Gardner was initiated) (2/5/1865-5/6/1948)


 Died in 1950s:

 Old Dorothy Clutterbuck (1/19/1880–1/12/1951)

Pamela Colman-Smith (Pixie) (2/16/1878-9/18/1951)

Jack Parsons (10/2/19146/17/1952)

Lydia Becket (Aradian Temple of Diana; Lawrence Museum of Magic & Witchcraft) (5/31/1871-12/21/1953)

 Austin Osman Spare (12/30/1886-5/15/1956)

Franz Bardon (12/1/1909-7/10/1958)


Died in 1960s:

  Donna Gardner (1895-1960) 

Katherine Oldmeadow (best friend of Dorothy Clutterbuck and probably a member of the group who initiated Gardner) (6/10/1878-7/8/1963)

  Margaret Alice Murray (God of the Witches) (7/13/1863-11/13/1963) 

Gerald Brousseau Gardner (6/13/1884-2/12/1964) 

Robert Cochrane/Roy Bowers (1734 Tradition) (1/26/1931-7/3/1966)

  Ciarriadhe (Kerry Harvey) (Daughters of the Triple Goddess, Framingham, MA) (6/21/1899-6/21/1969)

  Norman Lindsay (Australian Pagan artist) (2/22/1879-11/21/1969)

Gleb Evgenievich Botkin (Church of Aphrodite—1930s) (7/29/1900-12/27/1969)


Died in 1970s:

  Barbara Vickers (Gerald Gardner’s first initiate) (7/13/1922-1973) 

Arnold Crowther (10/7/1909-5/1/1974) 

Edith Woodford-Grimes (Dafo) (12/18/1887-10/28/1975) 

Phillip Peter Ross Nichols (6/28/1902-4/30/1975)

  Charles Cardell (Rex Nemorensis / The Fish) (1892-1977)

Bonnie Sherlock (Delphic Coven, Lander, WY) (d. late ‘70s)

Walter Ernest Butler (British occultist and esoteric author) (1898-1978)

Ernie Mason an hereditary Witch in the group who initiated Gerald Gardner (9/1/1885-2/26/1979)

  Susie Mason (hereditary Witch in group who initiated Gardner, sister of

Monica English a traditional Witch from East Anglia and member of Bricket Wood coven (1/8/1920-9/30/1979)

Rosaleen Miriam Norton (Australia) (10/2/1917-12/5/1979)

John Score (8/1914-12/30/1979)


Died in 1980s:

  Jack Bracelin a member of Bricket Wood coven, ran Fiveacres naturist club,co-author of biography “Gerald Gardner Witch” (6/2/1926-7/28/1981)

  Bill Mohs (the Mohsian Tradition) (??-1981)

Sybil Leek (Diary of a Witch) (2/22/1917-10/26/1982)

Monique Campbell Wilson (Olwen) (1923-1982)

Gwydion Pendderwen (the Faerie Shaman) (5/21/1946-11/9/1982) 

Jane Roberts (Witches USA) (5/8/1929-9/5/1984)

George “Pat” Patterson (Georgian Wicca, Bakersfield, CA) (d. 1984)

Mary Cardell (1912-1984)

Francis Israel Regardie (11/17/1907-3/10/1985)

Grady Louis McMurtry (OTO, San Francisco) (10/18/1918-7/12/1985)

Lady Gwen Thomson (NECTW) (9/16/1928-5/22/1986)

“Grandmaster Eli” (Barney C. Taylor) (Druidic Craft of the Wise) (1/30/1916-1/24/1983)

Alex Sanders (Orrell Alexander Carter) dubed the "King of the Witches" (6/6/1926-4/30/1988)

Edmund “Eddie” Buczynski (Lord Hermes) (Minoan Brotherhood, NYC) (1/28/1947-3/16/1989)


Died in 1990s:

  Simon Goodman (9/16/1951-9/23/1991)

Herman Slater (Govannon) (The Magickal Childe, NYC) (2/1/1938-7/9/1002)

William G. Gray (1913-1992)

Scott Cunningham (6/27/1956-3/28/1993)

Marija Gimbutas (1/23/1921-2/2/1994)

Robert Joseph Shea (co-author with Robert Anton Wilson of the Illuminatus! trilogy) (2/14/1933-3/10/1994)

Lawrence Durdin-Robertson (Co-Founder of Fellowship of Isis, Ireland) (5/6/1920-8/4/1994)

  Margaret St Clair (Sign of the Labrys) (2/17/1911-11/22/1995)

Adam Walks-Between-Worlds Rostoker (CAW Bard) (??-2/20/1996)

Lord Theodore Parker Mills, Jr. (Craft Elder, Pagan veteran) (11/19/24-2/21/96)

W. Holman Keith (Neo-Dianic Faith) (6/11/1900-1996)

Lord Theodore Mills (d. 1996)

John Patrick McClimans (Priest No. 3 of CAW) (11/19/1947-11/10/1996)

Vivian Godfrey (Melita Denning) (Grand Master of the Order of Aurum Solis) (6/16/1905-3/23/1997)

Kerry Wendell Thornley (Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst) (Principia Discordia) (4/17/1938-11/28/1998)

Ayeisha (KAM, Baltimore-DC area) (d. 1998)

Annette Hinshaw (PEN, ESBAT, WPPA) (d. 2/22/1999)

Emmon M. Bodfish (Founder of the independent RDNA newsletter, the DRUID MISSAL-ANY) (4/20/1943-6/30/1999)

Sandy Kopf (Covenant of the Goddess) (d. 7/11/1999)

Doreen Valiente (Ameth) (1/4/1922-9/1/1999)

Marion Zimmer Bradley (The Mists of Avalon) (6/3/1930-9/25/1999)

Grechon Leigh (founder of SageTree in Michigan) (d. 7/18/1999)

Cecil Hugh Williamson (9/18/1909-12/9/1999)


Died in 2000:

  Stewart Farrar (Alexandrian Wicca, Ireland) (6/28/1916-2/7/2000)

Leo Louis Martello (Sicilian Strega, NYC) (9/26/1030-6/29/2000)

Gregory Hill (Malaclypse the Younger) (Principia Discordia) (5/21/1941-7/20/2000)

Judy Foster (Calypso Iris) (11/2/1932-10/8/2000)

Died in 2001:

Joyce Rasmussen (Lady Tara) (High Tor Gardnerian Lineage) (??-3/21/2001

Victor Henry Anderson (Feri) (5/21/1917-9/20/2001)

Eleanor Ray Bone (Artemis) (12/15/1911-9/21/2001)

Pauline Campanelli (1/251943-11/29/2001)


Died in 2002:

Marilee (Starwhite *) Lewis (Minister CAW, Gold Mountain Nest, Berkeley) (7/27/1938-1/6/2002)

Jessie Wicker Bell (Lady Sheba) (7/18/1920-3/20/2002)

Charles Clark (4/26/1930-8/17/2002)

Kay Gardner (Pagan feminist musician) (2/8/40-8/28/2002)

Baba Raul Canizares (Oba, Santerían priest, author, artist, musician and professor of religion who founded the Orisha Consciousness Movement) (9/24/1955-12/28/2002)


Died in 2003:

Jeffrey John Koslow (longtime member of Circle Sanctuary and Pagan Spirit Gathering) (8/31/1947-6/18/2003)

Tim Maroney (Gnostic Priest; initiate of the Ordo Templi Orientis, Neo-Pagan Witchcraft, Golden Dawn. Author, The Book of Dzyan) (10/28/1961-7/3/2003)

Nelson White (The White Light) (10/29/1938-8/23/2003)

Ellen Cannon Reed (3/21/1943-10/7/2003)

Patalee Glass-Koetep (Lady Phoenix) (10/27/1943-11/11/2003)

Evan John Jones (1936-2003)

Harry McBride (Belenus) (founding board member Fellowship of the Spiral Path) (3/7/1941-12/27/2003)


Died in 2004:

Donald D. Harrison (Church of Eternal Source) (5/31/1931-1/7/2004)

Andrew Chumbley (past Magister of Cultus Sabbati) (9/15/1967-1/15/2004)

Donna Cole Schultz (Pagan Way, Chicago, IL) (5/15/1937-3/31/2004)

Lady Circe (Alliance of the Old Religion) (9/8/1921-5/29/2004)

Alison Harlow (Covenant of the Goddess) (8/29/1934-6/13/2004)

Joseph “Bearwalker” Wilson (brought 1734 Tradition to U.S.) (12/11/1942-8/4/2004)

Robert Larson (co-founder and Arch-Druid of Berkeley Grove of RDNA) (9/31/1943-8/6/2004)

Judy Carusone (Isian, HP of Lady of the Sacred Flame) (d. 9/21/2004)


Died in 2005:

Albert N. Webb (aka Ur) (West Coast Eclectic Elder) (1/8/1947-1/7/2005)

Elizabeth Pepper Ca Costa (The Witch’s Almanac) (12/7/1923-7/14/2005)


Died in 2006:

Lady Galadriel (Jodi Monogue) (High Priestess Grove of the Unicorn, Atlanta, GA) (1956-2/8/2006)

Leigh Ann Hussey “motogrrl” (musician, Annwfn; Elder Priestess NROOGD & OTO) (7/31/1961-5/16/2006)


Died in 2007:

Robert Anton Wilson (Illuminatus!) (1/18/1932-1/11/2007)

Lady Ariadne (High Priestess Unicorn Grove Chattanooga TN) (8/16/1940-6/21/2007)

Shekhinah Mountainwater (10/24/1939-8/11/2007)


Died in 2008:

Susan Grace Falkenrath (aka: Susan North, Susan Green, Susan Wolf, Susan Oak), a long-time member of the Reclaiming community (7/4/1954-1/12/2008)

Lady Phoenix (Mimi Rohwer) (HPs & Nat’l Director 1st Celtic Wiccan Church, Inc.) (6/21/1932-1/21/2008)

Cora Anderson (wife of Victor) (Feri) (1/26/1915-5/1/2008)

Frederick MacLaren Adams (Feraferia) (2/4/1928-8/9/2008)

Christopher Hyatt (Founder of Extreme Individual Institute (EII); and president of New Falcon Publications (7/12/1943-2/9/2008)

Phoenix (Tom Kneitel) (Long Island Gardnerian Coven in 1970s; husband of Theos) (?/?/1933-8/22/2008)

John Lyon Burnside III (Founder of Radical Faeries) (11/2/1916 to 9/14/2008)

Tara Webster (wife of Sam Webster of San Francisco) (1962?? - 10/9/2008)

Sequoia Greenfield (Dianic, Earth First!) (9/12/1944-10/10/2008)

Gloria Gonzales Villanueva (Circle Sanctuary priestess, curandera) (3/26/48-12/25/08)


Died in 2009:

Eric Erickson (founding member of the Order of the Pentacle) (11/27/1956-2/27/2009)

Joel D. Gainer (Wolfhawk) (founding member of the Order of the Pentacle) (12/26/1948-3/25/2009)

Laura Thompson (Rasmussen—daughter of Joyce & Quentin) (High Tor Gardnerian Lineage) (4/4/2009)

Marion Weinstein (author Positive Magic and Earth Magic) (5/19/1939-7/1/2009)

Ted Andrews (author Animal Speak) (7/16/1952-10/24/2009)

Norman Nelson (Reformed Druids of North America) (d. 4/2009)

Shay Lee (SCPN, Santa Rosa, CA) (3/24/1945-10/16/2009)

Thomas Eddie Hufford (aka Balu, Lord Patrick O'Reilly the Tall) (HP of Wes Tran Alpha Coven, Wash., DC; SCA) (12/2119/47 to 11/29/2009)


Died in 2010:

Pam Kolozsy (Illinois. Co-Founder, PSG Crone Temple of Wisdom) (1948-1/31/2010)

Roy ‘Cuchulainn’ Moorman (11/18/1957-3/1/2010)

Susan Leigh Star (d. 3/24/2010)

Hummy Byron (1947-4/24/2010)

T.J. Collins (Ohio. LGBTQ activist; Co-Director, PSG Rainbow Center) (12/4/1978-4/26/2010)

Robin Goodfellow (Stephen Richard Edwards) (3/11/1945-5/1/2010)

Alexei Kondratiev (High Priest, Coven Mnemosynides, Queens, NY) (2/15/1949-5/28/2010)

Svetlana Butyrin (wife of Fred Adams) (Feraferia) (11/2/1934-5/6/2010)

Bruce Kirk Parsons (Wisconsin. Wiccan priest & teacher) (5/10/1947-6/15/2010)

Harold Moss (Church of Eternal Source) (1/30/1937-7/15/2010)

Phillip Emmons Isaac Bonewits (ADF) (10/1/1949-8/12/2010)

Lady Sintana (Candace Lehrman White) (House of Ravenwood, Atlanta, GA) (1937-9/17/2010)

Len Rosenberg (Black Lotus) (partner of Alexei Kondratiev) (1951-10/15/2010)

Richard Lance Christie (co-founder of ATL, Church of All Worlds, Earth First!) (4/7/1944-10/28/2010)

Jehanah Wedgwood (OBOD groves: Manannan Mac Lir, House of Danu) (1/28/1941-11/15/2010)

Trudy Herring (Mama Dragon) (co-founder of Summerland Grove, Memphis, TN) (??-12/18/2010)


Died in 2011:

Ardath Elizabeth "Beth" Saunders Stanford (Bone Blossom) (co-founder of Reclaiming Tradition Craft) (12/21/1948-2/10/2011)

Sharon Mitchell (Lady Bastet) (HPs Our Lady at the Shoreline, Gardnerian Witch Queen) (3/1/1947-1/12/2011)

Kenneth Grant (Head of the Typhonian Order and the New Isis Lodge during the 1950's, considered the spiritual heir to Aleister Crowley) (5/23/1924-1/15/2011)

Tammy Breckenridge (Tzaddia Morningstar) (Summerland Grove minster) (7/4/1971-1/20/2011)

Merlin Stone (When God was a Woman) (9/27/1931-2/23/2011)

Steve Collins (Lord Senthor) (Elder of Ravenwood Church, Atlanta, GA; headed Pagan band “Moonstruck”) (1956-3/14/2011)

DenaJoy Peacemaker (Texas CMA, CAW Fred Nest) (1/24/1967-3/9/2011)

Bronwen Forbes (co-founder, Free Spirit Alliance) (?/?/1963-4/10/2011)

Gary Ball (Between the Worlds, Mendocino Environmental Center, Rocky Mountain Peace & Justice Center) (12/14/1948-5/8/2011)

Lady Amythyst Avalon (Bobbie Osley) (Avalon Isle, Highlands of Tennessee Samhain Gathering) (2/2/1932-7/2/2011)

George Moyer (Dragonfest, Hole in the Stone) (8/23/1952-8/25/2011)

Tania Levy (Greenfield Ranch pioneer) (1/7/1946-9/1/2011)

Lord Merlin (Elder High Priest of the House of Ravenwood, and numerous covens) (7/12/1935-9/23/2011)

Lady Judith Brownlee (Fortress Temple, Denver CO. In Who's Who of Religious Studies) (4/28/1942-10/1/2011)

Carl Henry Dietz (Los Angeles, CAW Live the Dream) (1/9/1937-10/2/2011)

Joyce Siegrist (Lady Genevieve) (Rosegate Coven, Witches' Anti-Defamation League, Rhode Island) (2/5/1943-10/3/2011)

Lady Morganna (Co-founder of KAM (Keepers of the Ancient Mysteries) in the Baltimore area in the 1970s) (??-12/27/2011)


Died in 2012:

Bran Starbuck (Greenfield Rancher, Mohsian Craft) (11/30/1940-1/22/2012)

DeAnna Alba (Wendy White) (priestess, singer, author of The Cauldron of Change). (3/31/52-1/24/2012)

Gordon Pepin (Circle Sanctuary, Pagan Spirit Gathering Community) (9/20/51-2/10/2012)

Lord Athanor (John Mongue) (High Priest of the Grove of the Unicorn, Atlanta, GA) (11/25/1956-2/13/2012)

Grey Cat (NorthWind Tradition of American Wicca, Tennessee) (6/16/1940-3/30/2012)

Julie Ann Wichman (Circle Sanctuary) (12/27/1963-8/22/2012)

Anne Ross (Celtic historian, author of Pagan Celtic Britain and other influential books) (1925 - 8/29/2012)

Mike Gleason (Alexandrian High Priest, New England) (3/14/51-8/30/2012)

Richard Joel Ravish (Magister Azaradel Coven of Akhelarre, Temple of Nine Wells-ATC, Founder White Light Pentacles/Sacred Spirit Products Inc./Nu Aeon, Salem, MA) (12/26/1952-9/15/2012)

Lady Amber (Amber Maeve Szymanski) (High Priestess, Winged Scarab/Unicorn Tradition, Acworth, GA) (1/5/1946-10/3/2012)

Patricia Monaghan (Book of Goddesses & Heroines and others) (2/15/1946-11/11/2012)

Herbert John DeGrasse (Fellowship of the Spiral Path) (9/22/1941-11/9/2012)


Died in 2013:

Thomas T. Clauser (Radagast the Bard) (2/18/1944-1/20/2013)

Deena Celesta Butta (Fellowship of Isis priestess) (6/1/1950-1/27/2013)

Captain Dennis Presser (Circle Sanctuary environmentalist, foundering member Order of the Pentacle) (11/10/58-2/16/13)

Kyril Oakwind (CAW Priestess) (1951-3/9/2013)

Quentin Rasmussen (High Tor Gardnerian Lineage & various other Covens) 3/30/2013)

Bronwynn Forrest Torgerson (author of One Witch's Way) (5/1/1953-4/12/2013)

Stuart Wilde (author of over 20 books on Spirituality & Personal Development; considered one of the greatest metaphysicians who ever lived; founder of the Taos metaphysical tradition) (9/24/1946-5/1/2013)

Laura Jansdaughter (ArchPriestess, Temple of Isis Pelagia) (??-5/25/2013)

Dal Burns (Gypsy Stargiver) (Gwydion’s partner on Annwfn 1980-’82) (7/2/1951-6/5/2013)

Craig Pierce (Elder, Iron Web Coven of Austin, TX) (1957-6/20/2013)

Tom Davis (Elder, Gaia Tradition of Austin, TX) (7/18/1945-6/27/2013)

Demian Allan Moonbloode (NROOGD, OTO) (1/6/1947-9/14/2013)

Stephany Lyn Rasmussen (Joyce & Quentin Rasmussen’s last child; all were instrumental in the 1970s working and teaching with Gardnerian covens & groups) (4/10/1960-10/10/2013)

Deborah Bourbon (Pathways New Age Books Music & Gifts, St Louis; OZ’s first Craft teacher) (8/26/1949-10/20/2013)

Audrey Harvey (Countess Audrey de Straet von Kollman and Dame of the Ancient Order of Sarkany Rend 1408) wife of Ralph Harvey the Wiccan author (died 02nd December 2013.


Died in 2014:  

Donald Michael Kraig 1951 – 2014
Donald Michael Kraig 1951 – 2014
Donald Michael Kraig 1951 – 2014

  Donald Michael Kraig - Author, lecturer, and magician (1951 – 2014)



Let those remembered never be forgotten, for we shall not see their like again.


There are of course many other names we may not have credited, those who have dedicated their lives and works to making our Pagan world what it is today.  So please, if you know of someone missing and think they should be added, please let me know their details.


Best wishes and Blessed Be


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Abramelin the MageAgrippaAidan A. KellyAlbertus Magnus “Albert the Great”Aleister Crowley “The Great Beast” Alex Sanders "the King of the Witches” Alison HarlowAmber KAnna Franklin /  Anodea JudithAnton Szandor LaVey  / Arnold CrowtherArthur Edward Waite Austin Osman SpareBiddy EarlyBridget ClearyCarl Llewellyn WeschckeCecil Hugh WilliamsonCharles Godfrey LelandCharles Walton /  Christina Oakley Harrington /  Damh the Bard (Dave Smith) /   Dion FortuneDolores Aschroft-NowickiDorothy MorrisonDoreen ValienteEdward FitchEleanor Ray Bone “Matriarch of British Witchcraft” /  Dr. John Dee and Edward KellyDr. Leo Louis Martello /  Eliphas LeviErnest Thompson Seton /  Ernest Westlake and the Order of Woodcraft Chivalry /  Fiona Horne /  Friedrich von SpeeFrancis Barrett /  Gerald B. GardnerGavin and Yvonne Frost and the School and Church of Wicca /  Gwydion PendderwenHans Holzer /  Helen DuncanHerman Slater "Horrible Herman" /  Israel RegardieJames "Cunning" MurrellJanet Farrar & Gavin BoneJessie Wicker Bell “Lady Sheba” / John Belham-Payne John George Hohman /  John GerardJohn Gordon Hargrave (the White Fox) /  John Michael Greer /  John ScoreJohannes Junius the Burgomaster of Bamberg /  Joseph John Campbell /  Karl von EckartshausenLaurie Cabot "the Official Witch of Salem" /  Lewis Spence /  Margaret Alice MurrayMargot AdlerMarie Laveau the " Voodoo Queen of New Orleans" /  Marion WeinsteinMatthew Hopkins “The Witch-Finder General”Max Ehrmann and the Desiderata /  Monique Wilson the “Queen of the WitchesMontague SummersNicholas CulpeperNicholas RemyM. R. SellersMrs. Grieve "A Modern Herbal" /  Oberon and Morning Glory Zell-RavenheartOld Dorothy ClutterbuckOld George Pickingill /   Paddy SladePamela Colman-SmithParacelsusPatricia CrowtherPatricia Monaghan /  Patricia “Trish” TelescoPhilip Emmons Isaac Bonewits Philip HeseltonRaymond BucklandReginald ScotRobert CochraneRobert ‘von Ranke’ Graves and "The White Goddess" /  Rudolf Steiner /  Rosaleen Norton “The Witch of Kings Cross” /  Ross Nichols and The Order of Bards, Ovates & DruidsSabrina - The Ink WitchScott CunninghamSelena FoxSilver Ravenwolf /  Sir Francis DashwoodSir James George FrazerS.L. MacGregor Mathers and the “Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn” /  StarhawkStewart FarrarSybil LeekTed AndrewsThe Mather Family - includes: Richard Mather, Increase Mather, Cotton Mather /  Thomas AdyVera Chapman /  Victor Henry AndersonVivianne CrowleyWalter Brown GibsonWilliam Butler YeatsZsuzsanna Budapest



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